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Dent Removal Service

Guns go through many stresses during their lifetime, including being dropped, hit, dented etc. 

Dark shadows can appear along the inside of the bore which can be clearly seen from the outside of the barrels.

Whilst this doesn’t necessarily impair the barrel, it can be a contributing factor that leads to other types of damage including bulges and rivalling which will later require a more expensive repair and in extreme cases the gun may need to be resubmitted to the proof house.

Remedial Work
Once our craftsmen have identified and marked each individual dent, a dent raising tool, often a dent anvil is inserted and a profiled brass tooling process is applied to smooth the dent by honing the inside and striking off on the outside strictly adhering to the proof house regulations.

Our standard service has an expected turnaround time of between four and six weeks, however we understand you may already have pre-booked shooting dates and depending on our work load, for a small extra charge, we may be able to fast track your order by taking advantage of our while-you-wait service.  Please give us a call to discuss your individual needs beforehand.


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